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- Nelson Mandela
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Our Investment Focus​

Three Pillars

Positive influence on society

As measured by the UN 2030 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Diversity in the startup ecosystem

Both in the investor community, as well as in startup teams, more women and minorities.

Technology to drive scalability

High impact, with good financial returns requires large scale product adoption

Passion for a future you believe in

Benefits for investors​

Positive Impact

Invest in high-tech companies that have a positive influence on society. Contribute to the United Nations 2030 17 sustainable development goals.

Diversity & Inclusion

The startup ecosystem lacks in diversity. Both startup founder teams and investor angel community can profit from becoming more diverse and inclusive.


Technology allows startups to scale up faster and reach larger scale. This increases the impact, and results in better returns.

European Focus

We look to Europe to take the lead in building a better future. We invite pan-European startups to pitch.


Syndicated investment starting as low as Sfr 5000 . We make it easy to build a diversified portfolio. A diversified portfolio is key to better financial returns.

Safe Money Transfers

We use Swiss banks to transfer your money. After all investors have deposited their investment, the money is directly transferred to the startup.


Angel investing is a journey where everyone continues to learn. Alpine provides training to help novice investors become experienced investors.

Foundation: community

Join a supportive and trusted community to make better investment decisions. Build a high quality network with deep expertise across many industry verticals.

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the investor Community

    Innovation to bring the future we want to see

    Benefits for startups

      Positive Influence

      We invite startups to pitch that want to make a positive contribution to the world. This is measured by contributions to one or more of the 17 sustainable development goals defined by the UN 2030 agenda,


      Technology allows startups to scale up faster and reach larger scale. Larger scale is important considering the power law distribution of successful startups in portfolios of startups.

      Diversity & Inclusion

      A diverse leadership team is highly recommended. Diversity among the founders creates a stronger team, with better decision making, more creativity, and a more representative view on society.

      Find the right investors

      A good match between founders and investors create the sparkle that brings success. Investors who support you with their expertise, advice, and network. Together investors and founders form a team that is more than just the sum of its members.


      Support your development

      We offer a series of professional modules tailored to your stage of development, either to help you frame your vision and mission or to support your marketing and strategy.


      Angel Investing Demystified

      Training and Events

      Latest Updates

      Alpine July Monday Morning Coffee


      12:00 - 13:00 PM

      During this (MMC) event, the Head of Sustainable Transparency in radical – Eve Morelli will guide us through  the sustainable investment evaluation process and share her invaluable experiences and knowledge in the field.

      Eve has over 2 decades of experience as an analyst and product specialist on sustainability, SRI, and ESG. Her latest challenge as Head of Sustainable Transparency at radicant is building the next-generation sustainable finance platform and services to support the UN sustainable development goals.

      We’re looking forward to your attendance,

      Please register and get your free ticket if you want to participate.


      July 2022

      Pitch event (315 × 600 px)

      Startups Pitch Event for Angel Investors - Find a New Unicorn!


      6:00 - 7:30 PM

      This event will give you the opportunity to meet high-performing tech startups, which strive to make their industries more sustainable. They all have a positive influence on society and the environment as measured by the UN sustainable development goals.

      Join us at this event to find a new unicorn!

      The startups:

      • Simulatory – Advancing surgical training and education through smart simulation products
      • Sustainable Brand platform (SBP) – The digital solution for sustainability data management in fashion
      • Composite Recycling – Closing the loop on composite material
      • Deski– The smart office marketplace

      Please register and get your free ticket if you want to participate.

      Looking forward to your attendance!



      July 2022

      Startup Pitch Event


      06:00 - 07:00 PM

      At this event, you will get the opportunity to listen to an interesting live pitch with 2 European start-ups: Tespack on Clean Energy and Mobility, and RadGreen on Clean Air management.

      Tespack provides smart energy solutions with their first product a smart solar media system that turns any space into a fully equipped digital classroom. Used in several African countries to provide education in remote areas. More information at

      RadGreen – For a Safer and Healthier Space – provides a platform to optimize air quality, thermal comfort, noise levels, light parameters, and viral index (including covid) to create a healthier environment. The platform is already used by several clients. More information at


      May 2022

      Easy access to our partners

      Our Members

      Membership gives access to our partner Leva who manages the safe transfer of funds, and who manages the legal aspects of syndicated ownership and investments. Through Leva our members can indicate interest, be part of the Due Diligence process, and communicate with our community about potential deals, and through knowledge sharing make better investment decisions. In the case of a successful exit, Leva also manages the safe transfer of exit proceeds to the investors. Membership also give access to our near future deal platform. Here the pipeline of prospective pitch candidates can be evaluated, and members can participate in the selection of the best startups for pitch events. Selected startups can also communicate with our community and their investors through these platforms.

      Angel Investing is better together!

      Partners and sponsors

      Latest from our blog posts

      News and Blog

      Ponera pallets

      Ponera Group

      Ponera Group Turning waste in freight logistics into intelligent assets Join Ponera’s Group pitch on the 6th of July at...

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      Deski The smart office marketplace AirBnB unlocked the market for people who had rooms that were underutilized and made these...

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        Who Are We

        About Us

        Alpine Angel Investors provides a platform to connect angel investors with technology companies that want to have a positive impact on society by contributing to the United Nations 2030 17 sustainable development goals. We support a community that fosters more diversity in early stage investing, to create more opportunities for people to be involved in early stage investing, and to create more opportunities for budding entrepreneurs.

        Innovation for a future we believe in. Together we climb to the top.

        Meet The Team

        Dr. Caspar Horné


        Over 20 years of experience in the startup ecosystem in Silicon Valley, Caspar brings a wealth of experience to the European startup ecosystem, and is passionate about diversity and sustainability. He has an M.Sc. from TU Delft, a Ph.D. from EPFL, and an MBA from Wharton School of Business.

        Sophie Neuhut


        After 20 years in Finance Marketing & Due Diligence, Sophie has built up over the past 4 years an active Angel portfolio. Moreover, for over a decade now she is active in empowering women in the workplace & making a difference by supporting sustainable economics and minorities. Her motto: Promoting a sustainable and ethical way of living for all.

        Esther Sapi

        Startup Relationship / Due Diligence

        A 12 years multi-industry career with international project management. I have been supporting corporations as management consultant on strategic and operational aspects. My international profile and working experience across Switzerland, Hungary, France, Germany, Israel, US and Panama enabled me to quickly adapt to changing environments. I am a content expert for innovation, design thinking, digital strategy, target operating models, organizational design and managing large ERP transformations.

        As a political scientist with major in public administration and having studied conflict management & negotiation at Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv I have become passionate about UN SDG objectives and have conducted several innovation labs as coach to support ideation process for start-ups. I am currently serving a senior leadership role at Swiss B360 NGO and mentor for refugees and migrants at Capacity Switzerland.

        I am a certified fintech professional and graduated from St Gallen University and Graduate School of Business from Stanford University.

        Ana Riva

        Ana Riva

        Startup Deal Flow / Due Diligence

        Performed leadership roles with global responsibilities for different international companies.
        Highly skilled in driving business growth, developing & implementing finance and internal
        audit strategies, deploying business intelligence, data analytics and design thinking to
        support those strategies

        Noémi Nagi

        Business Development / Partnership

        Strategy and business development professional with over 20 years of international, multi-industry experience. Working in investment banking, venture capital, the media, and management consultancy, she developed a strong competence in strategic analysis, financial planning, M&A transactions, and strategic partnerships. Her passion for gender equality and diversity was fuelled by her contribution to women-focused organizations. She is also a B Leader and eager to support companies to integrate sustainability into their strategies. She studied sustainability management at the University of Cambridge and at ETH.

        Santare Slavinskiene

        Marketing / Branding / Social Media

        A Creative marketing specialist & entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in B2B, B2C, and Startup businesses. Constantly searching for new ways to improve marketing results and scale business.


        Frequently Asked Questions

        Investments made by private early-stage investors typically in the form of seed and early-stage financing towards start-up businesses. Angel investment comprises financial contribution in addition to the investment of time, expertise, and connections that the investors also provide in exchange for ownership equity in the start-ups.

        Private investors who choose to make seed and early-stage investments into start-up companies. Besides investing their capital, business angels also support their investee companies with mentoring and advice, expertise, and network connections. Business angels are also commonly referred to as angels or angel investors.

        A business angel investment is normally a minority investment (usually 10-30%), and it is directed at the pre-seed, seed, or early stage of a start-up phase. Angels are increasingly investing in syndicates and alongside seed venture capital funds. Correspondingly, venture capitalists mainly make later stage minority investments (venture investments) or expansion majority investments (buy-outs):

        business angel

        At AAI we request a minimum investment per investor of 5,000 CHF or equivalent.
        Ticket and funding round sizes vary depending on the needs and desires of the entrepreneur - we have entrepreneurs looking to raise funds ranging from a few hundred thousand to several million.

        AAI annual membership: 500CHF or equivalent. One time KYC & AML check per investor:
        Fee per investment until exit: 90CHF

        We do not share your name or any contact information with anyone except entrepreneurs you choose to connect with. Connections with entrepreneurs are made completely on your terms so your details are private until you decide to connect with a particular entrepreneur.

        Our pitches are submitted by individual entrepreneurs, companies, universities, and incubators from our networks all over the world.
        Any investor can introduce an entrepreneur to AAI for a pitch.

        When you see a pitch that you find interesting, you let AAI know. We will message the entrepreneur notifying them of your interest.
        It could be to be part of a Due Diligence (DD) on their start-up or simply additional questions in order to make up your mind.

        This is not a crowdfunding site.
        The purpose of this site is to facilitate contact between great start-ups and investors looking to invest in their company. Once the DD has been successfully completed, the subsequent investment transaction takes place via our Swiss fiduciary LEVA.
        Please see on our website, under Our Partners for more info regarding Leva.

        No. You own your shares in each start-up, AAI is merely a financial intermediary with a power of attorney.

        Absolutely not. While your investment may deliver high returns, it is not a guarantee and losing your invested money is a real risk. Do not invest if you are dependent on the funds you invest.

        The Angel business model does not permit to perform due diligence processes according to industry standards – these can easily cost over 20,000 CHF and more. Instead, we mitigate our risk by following the principles set out in “What selection criteria do you apply to start-ups?”

        1- Upon successful pitch by a startup, a DD group with a deal leader is formed. The Deal leader has experience in managing startup DD.
        2- We are excited about the start-up and willing to invest our own money in it. The team is knowledgeable and has a clear vision and mission.
        3- Is the business plan plausible? Scalable? Could it deliver a high payoff as good high-tech start-ups with proprietary IP can?
        4- Do we judge the team to be capable of delivering?

        AAI is focusing solely on three pillars: Technology, Diversity, and the 17 UN SDGs. Our aim is to influence via our investment a more sustainable tomorrow. Our start-ups are making a difference as well as our investments and portfolio.

        No, you do not need specific experience or knowledge. The Deal leader is there to organise the DD process and eventually show you what to do. It is a learning process.
        Moreover, AAI offers an introduction Education event and in more details Education events on Due Diligence and Valuation of a Startup.

        You are the owner of shares.
        AAI is your financial intermediary taking care of all the rights and obligations towards the start-up.

        In the venture capital industry, the term. unicorn. refers to any start-up that reaches the valuation of 1 billion in mainstream currency (US/C$, €, CHF, £).
        According to AngelList data, a venture-backed seed-stage start-up has an estimated of 2.5% chance of becoming a unicorn today.

        Three to four years is the standard estimation for how long it takes a business to be profitable. Most of the earning in the first year of the business will be used for paying expenses and reinvestment. However, it could be shorter or longer depending on the market and the product.

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